GeoWizard brings the next era of communication and knowledge sharing in exploration. Without the need to be a Data Scientist, powerful AI/ML algorithms provide predictions and estimations of critical project parameters based on shared data gathered from thousands of projects. Advanced tools allowing users to receive a full assessment of the resources (minerals, oil & gas) potential as well as quantifying the potential output. It provides enhanced data analysis and forecasting based on AI, ML and Big Data.
Comprehensive exploratory data analysis
  • Generating easily understood, clear results
  • Predicting results and assessing their reliability
  • Quick and intuitive creation of chain solutions
  • Possible to expand the system with task-specific nodes
  • Import and export overtask-specific data
  • Ability to save the established pipeline and apply it to other data
  • Pipeline execution monitoring
  • Ability to add nodes with a Python processor
  • Obtaining quality assessments of built pipelines
  • Several machine learning modules (scikit-learn, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras)
The GeoWizard Expert System allows an ordinary user (non-data scientist), who understands his data and the issue, to create, train, test and use the unique problem-solving technology. Step by step, GeoWizard Expert System clear processes help the user to dynamically create high quality pipelines. GeoWizard experience, accumulated in core special third-generation networks (Evolving Recurrent Deep Spike Neural Networks), allows the user to create new, special, and high-quality solutions for their problem.
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